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 $10,000 Prize Pack | Entries & Updates

Congratulations to Our Six Finalists

Read the Timaru Herald article for more information

South Canterbury Roller Skating Club

Facebook Page: I Love South Canterbury


Tekapo Springs

Links as per answers:


Artfull Crafts

Link 1:

Link 2: Timaru Herald Article

Link 3:

Skydiving Kiwis 

Skydiving Kiwis Facebook page


Poppy's Adventures 


Facebook Page: Poppy's Adventures

Hayley's Video Message:

Bluestone Kids: Why do you like Timaru? [Videos]


Twit On Tour


Blog Site:

Twitter Account: @TwitOnTourNZ 

Summary video of trip: 

Appearance on Southland TV: 

3news website:

Rotorua Paper:

Oamaru Paper:


Timaru Herald:
Hometown welcome for Mo bro

- Heart attack a timely reminder

- Southern hardman on quest to raise funds

- MoBro heads back to school

Thank you SO MUCH to all those who entered Tell a Friend, awesome stuff:

Te Ana Ngai Tahu Rock Art Centre

Te Ana Māori Rock Art Facebook Page

Video: South Canterbury - Home of Maori Rock Art

Gordon Handy Machinery



Big Rock Canyons

Big Rock Canyons Facebook page

Video: Promotion to the Canyoning fraternity of new South Canterbury

Video: Scotsburn Canyon Exploritory

Link: Tripadvisor

TIMO'RU - NZ's Movember Capital

Link: NZ Network Leaderboard

Link: The International Moscars


Hannah & Bhavit


Sunday Funday - 5x5x5 Film Festival

Link: Timaru Bike Polo Champs


Boheme – Performing Arts


Lines & Designs

Link 1:

Link 2:

Link 3: Marmite Trademe auction

From Worry To Glory

Blog Post: Reasons for Beautiful Living in South Canterbury
      - Read the bottom of the page for comments made by readers

Auckland to Timaru

Link 1: Facebook page - Tell A Friend Promote South Canterbury

Link 2: Linkedin - Kylie Smith

Link 3: iPhone App



YouRule Timaru

YouRule Website:

YouRule Photos: 

Stuff / Timaru Herald Article: App Crowns Timaru Royalty

Tech Time Link: On Facebook, ‘Friends of Friends’ Could Mean ‘Hundreds of Thousands’


I'd rather be in South Canterbury

Facebook Page Link: I'd rather be in South Canterbury

Tipoff Website:

Petite Wine & Dine

Link 1:

Link 2:,1,2533/petite-wine-and-dine.html


Farewell Video for International Student


'Escaping the Crowds' : a Kiwi Adventure

This stunning video was shared with us by Alps 2 Oceans. It received comments like:
  • Looks awesome!!
  • Absolutely beautiful!!!!


Children's Chain Letter

Sophie and Ollie both wrote 10 letters each x 2 =20 of those 8 went overseas. We know 4 of those people sent a further 10 letters each =40 and within NZ 10 people sent a further 10 letters=100

So total reach 160 with 40 in the UK all people writing about where to go in the holidays in South Canterbury. We have cut and pasted a sample for you just to use with judges and other interested parties but not for a prize!!!

See the print out for more info


National YMCA Waiata Competition 2012

Timaru YMCA, a great example of South Canterbury spirit which has had 277 views on Youtube

Barry Stevens show us what he loves about his slice of South Canterbury; rivers, the bach, family...

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