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Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies
74 Main Street
Mackenzie District
New Zealand
03 685 60 63
Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies
Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies

Head to the Fairlie Bakehouse, any day of the week from 7.30am until 4.30pm (except Christmas), where Franz Lieber and his team create gourmet pies and an array of amazing baked goods made with love. Liebe means ‘love’ in German. 
Fairlie Bakehouse believes fresh is best! They make everything on site that day and pride themselves in sourcing local produce where ever possible . They are passionate about exploring interesting pie flavours, which has lead to the creation of the famous ‘Lieber Pie’! As for sweets their cronuts, apple crumble, raspberry cheesecake and cream buns are to die for. 

Behind this ‘foodie’ heaven is Franz Lieber and his wife, Christine. As an internationally trained chef with more than 40 years experience, Franz loves to experiment. If Franz acquired a box of pencil thin asparagus or a crate of still salty oysters the previous day you can be sure the lights at their brand new commercial bakery nestled behind the Bakehouse will have been on all night – with Franz concocting a pie with flavours that will make your taste buds sing.

So what makes a Lieber Pie so special?
  • Fresh ingredients, sourced close to home
  • Quality meat, cooked slowly and with care 
  • Uncomplicated flavours
  • Absolutely no additives or preservatives
  • Hand-filled, so the inside is always what you hope for.
Lieber Pies are available at a number of outlets across South Canterbury with moves afoot to expand the distribution. Keep an eye on their website for news of new suppliers. 

Meanwhile, pop into The Fairlie Bakehouse at 74 Main Street, Fairlie to stock up on pies or just ring them on 03 685 6063 to arrange a delivery or order online.

Current pie flavours include:
  • Creamy Hearty Vegetable
  • Smoked Chicken with Mushroom
  • Traditional Mince & Cheese
  • Creamy Free Range Chicken
  • Classic Rich Beef Mince
  • Delectable Bacon & Salmon
  • Fine Beef with Mushroom
  • Tender Beef Steak 
Don’t keep your love of Lieber Pies to yourself, join the growing band of fans on Facebook and add your feedback to Tripadvisor 

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Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies
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Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies 
Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies 
Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies 
Fairlie Bakehouse/ Lieber Pies
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