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South Canterbury Driving Distances

South Canterbury has some spectacular scenery, activities and attractions which makes for a fabulous self-drive New Zealand holiday. The breath-taking moutain ranges, stunning lakes and rivers and quaintl country towns have so much to offer.
Download the attached South Island guide for approximate driving distances between main centres within South Canterbury and around the South Island.

Maps of Main Centres

Travelling By Car / Campervan

With its comparatively low traffic density and spectacular countryside, South Canterbury is an ideal destination for those who like being on the road. If you want to be self-sufficient, a rental car or campervan is a great way to see this beautiful region.
Road conditions are good and in the South Island, uncongested. A few gravel (shingle) roads exist in rural areas. New Zealanders drive on the left hand side of the road. To get an idea of average drive times, see the table below.

Travel Times and Distances

Timaru Waimate Christchurch Queenstown Dunedin Mt Cook
35 mins
45 km
2 hrs
162 km
4.5 hrs
337 km
2.5 hrs
199 km
2.5 hrs
213 km
Waimate 35 mins
45 km

2.5 hr
207 km
4 hrs
273 km
2 hrs
153 km
2.5 hrs
209 km
(Times allow for short stops, but not sightseeing)
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Kiwi Country Complex & Mundells Café
Kiwi Country Complex & Mundells Cafe The convenience of a retail store specialising in souvenirs, clothing, accessories, food & health products plus a fully licensed café, Bureau de Change, Information Kiosk, with public toilets and off-street parking, Inter City bus depot.

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