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McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store
40a Talbot Street
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 693 7292
McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store
McAtamney Gallery

Gallery Directors Carolyn McAtamney-Rasch and Andrew Rasch represent an elite group of established and emerging artists from New Zealand
and abroad.
There is a strong focus on portraiture and a special interest in modern and contemporary art practice. 

Check our website for all current news and exhibitions.

The individual exhibiting rooms draw inspiration from the purpose and character of the 1908 Post Office, with “The Mail Room,” “The Box,” “Verde,” and “The Manse,” providing a variety of spaces to showcase a diverse and exciting range of artworks.

Casual visitors and art connoisseurs alike will be wowed by the calibre of Artists in Art and Design works on display at McAtamney Gallery.

Dynamic, confronting, wistful, evocative - the works are as individual as the artists who created them, and share a gallery space that accentuates their beauty and diversity.

Open Thursday to Monday 11am to 3pmTalbot St, Geraldine
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and all other times by appointment.
Please phone to confirm your arrival if out of town as we are a solo operation. 

Check our website for current news and exhibitions.

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McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store
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McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store 
McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store 
McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store 
McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store 
McAtamney Art Gallery & Design Store
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