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Lake Tekapo Regional Park
20 Lilybank Drive
South Canterbury
New Zealand
Lake Tekapo Regional Park
Lake Tekapo Regional Park
Lake Tekapo Regional Park. This 165ha exotic forest on the south east edge of Lake Tekapo was established as a Regional Park by Environment Canterbury in 2008. The purpose of the Park is to provide recreational facilities close to the township for locals, and the increasing number of visitors to the area, whilst recognising the soil conservation and environmental values within the Park.

The Park flanks both sides of the southern end of Lilybank Road north of State Highway 8, accessed by vehicles from Lilybank Road. There is also walking and mountain bike access from the Tekapo Village directly or via the Cowans Hill track.

What you can do here – activities for the whole family and fitness levels

Mountain Biking – There are currently 24kms of shared use tracks under various stages of development, graded easiest, easy and intermediate based on the national mountain bike track standards. Some of these shared use tracks are along formed vehicle access tracks, while others meander through the
forest. These tracks are two way, and are shared with walkers and joggers.

Walking/Jogging – The24kms of shared use tracks are available for walking and jogging. The TeAroroa Walkway which runs north to south through the Park, is part of the national Te Aroroa Trail. This allows access to the southern Two Thumb Track and the northern end of the Tekapo-Twizel Track.

Picnicing – Thereare two formal picnickingareas with tables andseats, and unlimited areas for informal picnics withshade/shelter/water enjoyment opportunities.

Dog Exercise Area –A fully fenced enclosure of 2ha is available to let your dog loose.

Orienteering Course – This course has been established by the Peninsula and Plains Orienteering Club. Details are available from the Tekapo Information Centre.

Swimming/Boating – Shallow water makes for safe swimming, but take care at all times. There is a restricted speed zone for boats for safety reasons as illustrated on the map. 5 knot speed limit for paddle, sail and power craft in the designated area.

Please be careful and vigilant over the summer and autumn months especially, when the fantastic weather in Tekapo area also provides extreme fire danger conditions.

BBQs – You are welcome to bring a portable gas BBQ. However please use only on the beach area, where there is no vegetation. Lake Levels – Lake levels fluctuate depending on electricity generation demand and lake inflows. The levels can impact access to the beaches.

Rabbit Control – Rabbits are a constant threat to successful regeneration of plants and biodiversity plantings. Poisoning operations are regularly conducted east of Lilybank Road. The bait stations are clearly marked throughout the forest, and signage displayed at the entrances into the Park.

Lake Tekapo Recreational Park Inc. Society 
The Society was formed in 2008, by the local community, to work with Environment Canterbury to establish a recreational area. Environment Canterbury designated the area as a Regional Park to allow for recreational facilities to be established while ensuring that the conservation values of the land are maintained.

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Lake Tekapo Regional Park
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Lake Tekapo Regional Park 
Lake Tekapo Regional Park 
Lake Tekapo Regional Park
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