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Free Preview - Conscious Connection
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Free Preview - Conscious Connection
22 July 2019
 - 19:00
 - 21:00
You're invited to come along to find out more about our upcoming weekend workshop - Conscious Connection - at which we'll explore and practice communication skills based on the teachings of Dr Marshall Rosenberg - developer of nonviolent communication (NVC) and founder of the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. 

At our weekend workshop on August 3 & 4 explore and practice how to:
 ·       Connect to yourself with warmth and care
 ·       Respond to another with curiosity rather than seeing them as an "enemy", "difficult person" “a problem”
 ·       Move out of reactivity and blame
 ·       More easily connect with the needs of others – partners, family members, flatmates, workmates
 ·       Enhance your listening capacity
 .       Experience more joy and freedom
 ·       Create the sort of connection that leads to creative solutions meeting everyone's needs

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Jim Lovell-Smith
021 135 2130
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