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Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar
4a Sefton St
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 686 6830
Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar
Saikou Teppanyaki & Whiskey Bar
Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar delivers premium authentic Japanese cuisine in a busy vibrant bar environment, located in Timaru’s CBD, at approach to ‘Bay Hill’ adjacent to loop road, overlooking beautiful Caroline Bay.

New to the city, Saikou TWB delivers exceptional Japanese cuisine with an emphasis on whiskys and craft beers. Our chefs offer a sensational Japanese menu, designed to be shared (tapas style). 

Our meals are designed to be shared, Tapas Style. Portion sizes to be savoured, each prepared with expertise and served to perfection. Order a single or variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes and appetites.

Using premium quality produce, Saikou chefs have created a sensational Japanese menu. Perfect on your own or with a group of friends, while enjoying whisky, wine, Japanese beers, local craft beers or saké.

Lunch Bar menu of Bento Boxes and Platters include Yakitori chargrilled chicken, Gyokai Tempura, Sushi selection, a daily Japanese curry and many more succulent dishes.

Dinner Bar menu of premium dishes. Tempt and satisfy your taste buds with exceptional tapas style platters, salads and sushi delicacies.

$15 Lunch Bento Boxes, delivered free to Timaru CBD Monday to Saturday 12-2pm. A special treat for you and work colleagues without leaving the office! 


Once derided as somewhat out of fashion, whisk(e)y, whether it's bourbon, Scotch, rye, Japanese whisky, or more unusual global offerings, has come roaring back in popularity. And as with all things whisky-related, Saikou offers the best environment to sip in a dram, with a substantial (and comparatively inexpensive) selection of rare bottles from special distilleries from which to choose.

  • WHISKY TASTING TRAY: The Barman’s selection | $25 Taste five sample whisky’s selected by our bar staff to get you started.
  • WHISKY (Spirit) LOCKERS – talk to Gavin and his team about the privilege of your very own whisky or spirit locker.

The highest; supreme; maximum
Pronunciation: 'sa-ee-ko-'. The 'sa' is short (like in sand), the 'i' is said like a double 'e' (like in keen) and the 'kou', you say the 'o' for twice as long as you normally would. Listen to the audio file here.

WIN with our weekly Biz Card draw...
drawn every Sunday! Just ask the team at the bar when you call in.

Open 6 days (closed Sundays) 12pm till late.

Kitchen Hours
Lunch Bar Meals: 12 - 2pm
Evening Bar Meals: 5:30 - 9pm

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Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar
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Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar 
Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar 
Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar 
Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar 
Saikou Teppanyaki & Whisky Bar
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