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York Street Gallery of Fine Art
21 York Street
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 684 4795
York Street Gallery of Fine Art
York Street Gallery of Fine Art

This unique gallery is owned by established sculpture artist Debbie Templeton-Page. The gallery is home to an ever changing collection of works by renowned New Zealand artists. 

The unique style and atmosphere of York Street Gallery of Fine Art is enhanced by the experience and flair of its owner. The gallery holds a selection of high quality artwork to view and to purchase including AA Deans, Llew Summers, Jason Greig, John Badcock, Mary Horn and a wide, ever changing variety of other contemporary and traditional artists.

Check out full artist list, and Latest Exhibitions at York Street Gallery.

Debbie’s own artwork is widely renowned, particularly her work with bluestone. Her sculptures are often chosen for exhibition or permanent placement in public areas including a particularly striking example adjacent to the piazza overlooking Timaru’s Caroline Bay, and more recently part of Christchurch’s “Life in Vacant Spaces” scheme, an independent trust working with landowners to fill gaps as a result of the earthquakes. Check out Debbie's own work on her website,

York St Gallery of Fine Art is Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am – 3pm, online 24/7 or after hours by appointment with Debbie.

York Street Gallery of Fine Art
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