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Highfield Village Mall
145 Wai-iti Road
Timaru 7910
South Canterbury
New Zealand
Highfield Village Mall
Highfield Village Mall

Highfield Village Mall is everything you need, only a few minutes drive west from central Stafford St. 

Busy and vibrant with plenty of free parking. Relax and enjoy unhurried shopping under one roof, including specialist clothing and footwear, hair stylist, pharmacy, NZ Post & gifts, supermarket and liquor outlet.  

Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, unwind with a coffee and great food at The Village Café 

All you need – under one roof – Highfield Village Mall
 Timaru New World   03 684 5034

 Cobblers Inn 03 688 4251

 Unichem   03 684 5792
 Henry's   03 688 4186

 The Village Cafe   03 684 5146

 Fashion Focus 03 688 8711
   Hi-Jinks   03 688 3027
 NZ Post & Gifts   03 688 3104

Highfield Village Mall
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