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Gleniti School
22 Heath Street,
Timaru 7910
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 686 0082
03 686 0163
Gleniti School
Gleniti School
Gleniti School provides high quality education in a caring and supportive learning community. We welcome International Students and are able to provide a supportive environment.

Our School is strongly committed to providing a harmoniuous and multi-cultural environment where individuals' beliefs, languages, religion and cultures are understood and respected by all who attend the school.

The School is situated in the heart of the suburb of Gleniti, one of Timaru's newer residential areas.

It has spacious grounds, is modern in design and caters for a full range of educational, cultural and sporting activities.

Most importantly, Gleniti School provides quality teaching and learning programmes for approximately 400 Year 1 to Year 8 primary students.

Our focus towards providing a first class educational experience for our students is paramount.

As a School, we also encourage student participation in a wide range of educational, cultural and sporting activities such as science fairs, maths, quizzes, social studies quizzes, spelling competitions, music festivals and various sports events (e.g. gymnastics, swimming, cross country and athletics.)

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Gleniti School
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