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Timaru Girls High School
Cain Street
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 688 1122
Timaru Girls High School
Timaru Girls High School

Scientia Potestas Est - Knowledge is Power

Welcome to Timaru Girls’, a school with a proud and respected tradition, but also one that is moving fast for the women of the future. We have a lot to offer any girl - one of our strongest attributes is that our school reflects real life - we have girls from a wide variety of backgrounds bringing and sharing a very wide pool of interests and skills with each other.

We welcome international students to Timaru Girls’ High School.

When you arrive in the South Island of New Zealand we will pick you up at Christchurch International Airport and drive you to Timaru.

After you have settled in we will help you buy your school uniform, open a bank account and select the subjects you will study at school.

The Homestay Co-ordinator will work very closely with you in these first few weeks.

The Director of International Students, will also work very closely with you at school. They are happy to discuss any concerns you may have with your studies or personal issues.

At Timaru Girls’ High School you can board either at the school hostel or in homestay accommodation. We have high quality homestays where students experience life with a New Zealand family. The large school hostel is situated on the school grounds. In the hostel you need to be able to talk in English to both the staff and the girls.

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Timaru Girls High School
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Timaru Girls High School 
Timaru Girls High School 
Timaru Girls High School 
Timaru Girls High School 
Timaru Girls High School
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