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Helloworld Timaru
Helloworld Timaru
257 Stafford Street
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 688 6099
Helloworld Timaru
Helloworld Timaru
National Award winning travel consultants, Kate Flynn and the team at Helloworld Timaru are passionate about travel and helping people realise their dream holiday.

Integrity, experience and reliability are the cornerstones of Helloworld Timaru. The extremely knowledgeable and helpful team have over 60 years experience between them and should you request the most far flung place to visit, chances are, one of them has been there. Book a cruise and take advantage of our first hand experience with all types of cruising including rivers, small and large liner cruising, even coastal steamers along the Norwegian coast.

Kate says that a bonus of planning a holiday with Helloworld Travel is the networks they have built up over their  years of experience. " Our connections within the industry can be the difference between something coming together or not, and our customers really appreciate that we can provide that service for them". Long standing travel provider relationships give the traveller the fabulous access, values and extra benefits you can only get from a reputable travel agent.


At helloworld Timaru we will work hard to provide the trust and the confidence that you will need - whether planning a trip to Fiji or to Antarctica - so that it can be everything you want it to be.

Come in and talk to our experienced team – Kate, Gaylene, and Nicki - pick our brains and use our network of contacts, to get your hands on a better breadth of choice.


Follow us on facebook to see how we risk life and limb to research and visit new exciting holiday destinations – just for you!

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Come and visit Helloworld Travel Timaru to book your next adventure, Meet the team or contact us on
03 688 6099

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Helloworld Timaru
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Helloworld Timaru 
Helloworld Timaru 
Helloworld Timaru 
Helloworld Timaru
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