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Heartland Potato Chips
Heartland Potato Chips
Fallgate Farm
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 688 7510
Heartland Potato Chips
Locally grown. Locally made. Locally owned.

Heartland Potato Chips is the classic kiwi ‘can do’ story – 100% kiwi owned to the bottom of the bag.

Grown at Fallgate Farm in the heart of South Canterbury, owner Raymond Bowan has been involved in making potato chips one way or another for over 45 years, starting out as a young boy hand picking potatoes on a neighbouring property.

Now, Raymond is finally getting to fulfil a life-long dream – producing our own potato chips, in our own factory, from our own potatoes. “That way, I know these are quality potato chips that I’m proud to put my name on”

Each stage of the crop is carefully monitored by Raymond and son James, so that only the very best potatoes will end up in your Heartland packet.
Heartland Chips are proud to say NO! NO palm oil, NO hydrogenated fat, NO trans fat and NO gluten!

Our range of old fashioned ‘wave cut’ and newly introduced ‘finest flat cut’ range are selected from the finest ingredients – from potatoes specifically grown for their flavour through to the highest quality oils and natural flavours.

Some days it can be as little as 12 hours for a potato to be dug on the farm in Orari until it is packaged in the factory at Washdyke - how's that for freshness!

From our family to yours. The result is an outstanding – and 100% Kiwi – potato chip that we hope you enjoy as much as we do producing them.

Heartland Potato Chips are found throughout New Zealand – at a supermarket or stockist near you

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Heartland Potato Chips
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Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips
More Info

Fallgate Farms - the home of Heartland Potato Chips is located in the heart of New Zealand's South Island - South Canterbury.

Fallgate Farms was named over 80 years ago when a previous landowner discovered many farm gates on the property hanging off their hinges - hence fall-gate.

Bought by its present owners, Raymond and Adrienne Bowan the farm has been home to their family, of three children for 35 years. Now the next generation is also living on Fallgate with son James, his wife Jess, and their two small children.

Raymond and Adrienne saw the potential in Fallgate Farms from the start. The soil is naturally perfect for growing potatoes - free draining, little to no stone and land which can be irrigated.

In farming, cropped paddocks need to be continuously rotated to maintain good levels of nutrients. Fallgate Farm grows cereal crops and runs some sheep in addition to the 250ha of potatoes that are planted every year so Raymond is able to look after his land well with generous rotation.

Potato planting begins in late August through to early November. With over 40 years of experience Raymond has trialled numerous varieties of potatoes and has found that out of the many varieties available there is only about five types that produce the perfect colour and crunch required to become a Heartland potato chip.

Heartland Potato Chips
Please note: just like your typical New Zealander the Bowans are quite shy when it comes to talking about themselves... so the following descriptions are from information gleamed from individuals who know and work with them.

Raymond Bowan
Raymond is your true kiwi - a hard-working, quiet achiever who has a heart of gold and a generous spirit.

Raymond has farming in his blood - as the second son of a dairy farmer he worked during the school holidays as a teenager carting hay and hand picking potatoes into sugar bags. At 18 years old he started growing his own potatoes and supplying a fish 'n chip shop in Timaru. Now, with over 40 years of farming behind him, and with a passion for a challenge Raymond is finally getting a chance to fulfil a life-held dream - to produce his own potato chips, in his own factory, from his own potatoes. How's that for quality control!

Adrienne Bowan
They say that behind every great man is a great woman and it couldn’t be more true when it comes to Adrienne Bowan.

Adrienne is one of those women who is a pure delight to know. She has a warm, welcoming personality with an under-lying strength of character that captures the true meaning of kiwi-hospitality.

Until a short time ago Adrienne worked as a teacher as well as raising the families three childen. Over the past two years she has become part of the driving force in helping Raymond realise his dream and together they have taken on the challenge of developing Heartland Potato Chips.

Charlotte Bowan
Daughter Charlotte who is a qualified Physical Education teacher has recently had a career change. Charlotte has worked her way from administration support to General Manager of Heartland Potato Chips. Charlotte and Nathan have two young children, Jackson and Millie.

James Bowan
James, the eldest is fully involved in the day to day running of the farm as the operations manager. He is married to Jess and they have three young children, Archie, Maisy and Greta. James is supportive of his fathers new venture and watches with pride the growth of Heartland Potato Chips.

Kate Bowan

Kate is Raymond and Adrienne's youngest child and has inherited her family's business gene. She not only works as a flight attendant for Air New Zealand but also runs her own business – Rural Beauty. Kate likes to be kept up to date with everything happening at Heartland Potato Chips and would one day like to be involved in the business. 

Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips
Our potato chips are made from potatoes grown by a New Zealand farmer, in a
New Zealand paddock and processed in a
New Zealand-owned factory. It's fair to say that a potato chip doesn't get more Kiwi-made than that.

Heartland Potato Chips look so good and taste so fresh because they are carefully checked every step of the way - from the selection of the ideal potato variety and the quality of the soil it's planted into, through to the careful harvesting and transporting of Heartland potatoes the short distance to the Timaru factory.

They are then cooked to perfection in canola and sunflower oil (not the nasty palm oil variety), and flavoured using gluten free flavourings.

The result of all this attention to detail is an outstanding - and 100% Kiwi - potato chip.

Heartland Potato Chips 
Heartland Potato Chips
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