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Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon
Pukaki Information Centre
Lake Pukaki
New Zealand
03 435 0427
Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon
Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon


Visit the Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon shop at the Lake Pukaki Visitor Centre. Lunch on the award-winning Saikou Sushi Grade Salmon, picnic amidst the scenic views of Mt. Cook.

Lake Pukaki Visitor Centre, State Highway 8 (SH8), Tekapo – Twizel, Lake Pukaki.

Phone: 03 435 0427
Open 7 days 8.30am – Sunset

PRODUCT: Fresh Whole Salmon, Fresh Salmon Fillets, Hot Smoked Salmon, Sashimi Trays
SERVICES: Scenic Photo Opportunity – Mt. Cook, Information Centre, Public Rest Area, Public Toilets

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon are eco-sustainably farmed and raised in near perfect growing conditions high in the Alps of the South Island of New Zealand, with plenty of space, clean flowing water, and as little human intervention as possible.

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon is the highest altitude salmon farm in the world. Only wilderness exists between our farm and the mountains.

Our fish are not treated with vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics at any stage of the life cycle. They are naturally healthy due to living in pristine, highly oxygenated water and getting plenty of exercise.


Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon 
Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon 
Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon
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