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Ranger Specialist Coatings
7 Theodosia Street
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 684 7730
0800 RANGER (726 437)
Ranger Specialist Coatings
Ranger Specalist Coatings

Ranger Specialist Coatings is long established and locally owned, specialising in painting and specialised coatings to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

In 2014 manager Brad Sandri became Managing Director. Timaru born and bred, his prior building industry experience in customer account management, customer service and residential construction combined with management of Ranger Specialist Coatings means he has a full understanding of client needs in a wide variety of situations.

From the ground up, if it needs a paint finish or coating, Brad and the team at Ranger Specialist Coatings will take care of it. Let us inform and guide you, to help achieve the optimum solution for your project and budget.

We like to trail-blaze, striving to stay at the cutting edge of the industry while maintaining core skills, working closely with all major paint and specialised coating manufacturers so we can offer you best advice, products and procedures to enable you to make informed decisions.

We have a professional, experienced team who take pride in delivering on quality, service and budget. You can rest assured your project will be finished to the highest standard. We measure success by exceeding customer expectation.

Areas we pride ourselves in:

• Interior/Exterior painting
• Wallpaper hanging
• Roof painting
• Moss and Mould Treatment
• 2 pack and epoxy coatings
• Intumescent (fire rated systems) – steel & timber
• Specialised Floor Systems – resin floor toppings and decorative floor coatings
• Hygienic floor and wall coatings/linings
• Fibre glass reinforcing
• Anti Slip finishes
• Grouting and FLC
• Repairs and Maintenance to any painted surface

Community pride is important to us. We love living and working here in South Canterbury and enjoy getting in behind local sports teams, individuals, school and community projects and other charitable projects.


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Ranger Specialist Coatings
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Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings
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Every building has a different story whether it’s the location, age, heritage or materials used. At Ranger Specialist Coatings, we understand that products and processes vary according to these factors. Being members of Master Painters New Zealand, we work closely with leading paint manufactures such as Resene, Dulux and Wattyl to ensure we are at the cutting edge of our industry. This gives us confidence that our knowledge, advice and techniques we offer are the very best.

Interior/Exterior Painting – Regular painting maintenance is critical and plays a huge part in the longevity of your building, while at the same time adds property value and street appeal. Working together allows you to make informed decisions on the best product and processes for your buildings situation to achieve the ultimate outcome and protecting your home or premises for years to come.

Wallpaper Hanging – A true art! Experience, technique and a fine eye for detail are required to get this type of art standing out from the crowd, speaking not only for itself and expressing a customers personality, but the tradesperson who carefully hung it. Lining papers, reinforced glass fabric protection papers, textured, patterned, flocked, foiled, anaglyptas, vinyls - you name it! Our experience tradesmen will have your interior walls/ceilings making ‘a statement’.

Roof Painting and Maintenance – An area of the building envelope that is often forgotten or put on the bottom of the maintenance pile. Your roof plays a major part in keeping your building water tight and is one of the main ‘features’ of a premise from the street. No matter what material your roof is - corrugated or profiled iron, metal or ceramic tiles let Ranger Specialist Coatings take the hassle out of this task for you. All staff are current Site Safe passport holders so you can rest assured your project will be finished to the highest standard and safely.

Moss and Mould Treatment – Not only important on roofs, moss and mould treatment can also be applied to concrete, brick, blockwork, paths, steps, driveways, fences and decks including timber – almost any surface that moss, mould and lichen can affect. Our treatments not only helps keep your surfaces looking clean and fresh but reduces the chances of slips and falls while lengthening the life of products and materials.

Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings
From the ground up, inside and out, if it needs a coating, Ranger Specialist Coatings has a specialised coating for all your industrial needs. Different paint types, their means of application and drying times vary and are extremely important in the function and performance of a coating. Specialised coatings help prevent corrosion, rust and provide fire control to your industrial plant and equipment. Our experienced team are approved applicators, trained in identification and application to ensure the system we specify achieves the optimum result you require.

2 Pack and Epoxy Coatings – suitable for a wide variety of substrates and situations, these coatings provide a tough, protective finish with excellent durability from harsh environmental conditions while still being serviceable and visually attractive. From Garage floors, industrial workshop floors and pits to steel decks, handrails and platforms there is a specialised 2 pack or epoxy coating to suit most situations. Ranger Specialist Coatings are approved applicators of industrial and commercial coatings systems for leading brands such as International, Carboline, Nuplex and Resene Engineered. Working closely with these companies ensures we stay at the leading edge of the industry, providing you with the very best advice and techniques.

Intumescent Coatings – Leading the way in our field is what we pride ourselves on, and this next generation fire coating is making a big statement in the industry. A non-destructive fire engineered coating which helps prevent the spread of flames, development of smoke and delays the onset of ignition and failure of substrates. Intumescent coatings can be applied to a wide variety of products including steel and timber. This system allows a greater time for you and staff to safely escape your building in the case of a fire. Having passed numerous international fire tests, Ranger Specialist Coatings are proud to be approved applicators of this innovative coating system. Make intumescent coatings top of the list in your next project.

Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings
Resin Coatings - At Ranger Specialist Coatings we are proud to be Platinum members of the Nuplex Contractors Federation, offering the full range of Nuplex products – hygienic floor and wall coatings.

These resin based coatings are MAF approved and recommended in food manufacturing/processing plants, commercial kitchens, factory/workshops, dairy sheds, industrial premises and ablution/shower blocks. These resin coatings fully bind to the substrate, are seamless and hard wearing. Depending on the requirements and needs of your situation – slip resistance, level of hygiene, non-porous, resistant to harsh chemicals, thermal shock or abrasion we will have a solution for you.

Fibre Glass Reinforcing – Forms the base of many products in areas where a waterproof membrane is required. Fibre glass reinforced products are continually developing but there main areas of application are floors, decks, wall coatings, storage tanks and bunds. This system provides a durable, hygienically seamless and easy clean coating to many sectors such as commercial kitchens, freezing works, slaughter houses, dairy factories, chemical processing plants, pharmaceutical filling and processing areas.

Grouting - Used in commercial and industrial environments, grouting levels the base of structural members or machinery bolted in place where surfaces are uneven or require ‘falls’. High strength and quick drying grouting is a perfect structural anchor under machine foundations, base plates, pipe rack feet and silo bases. With a large variety of grout systems Ranger Specialist Coatings will have a solution for your situation and environment.

Floor Levelling Compounds (FLC)
– Formulated to achieve a level smooth surface in preparation for floor coverings such as carpet tiles, vinyl, ceramic tiles or epoxy floor systems. Fast setting, rapid strength gain and resistant to cracking floor levelling compounds are ideal for rough screeded concrete floors, levelling or refurbishing floors giving you solutions and flexibility after a concrete pour.

Concrete Finishings – Concrete forms the main structural base in many buildings. Over the years concrete as a product has evolved, moving with the times and is now a leading choice as a ‘sustainable, eco-friendly’ finish with a long list of benefits. There is a variety of procedures, techniques and finishes Ranger Specialist Coatings can offer you. From concrete cutting, grinding, sealing, chasing, polishing or exposed aggregate we can help you.

Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings 
Ranger Specialist Coatings
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