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Canon Street Optometrists
26 Canon Street
South Canterbury
New Zealand
03 688 9791
Canon Street Optometrists
Canon Street Optometrists

As your 100% local, Kiwi owned optometrists, Canon Street Optometrists is passionate about providing you with the very best service and the ultimate in eye care and fashion eyewear.

We offer comprehensive eye exams and professional advice tailored to your specific needs using the latest technology to ensure your eye health is the best it can be and that the final product will give you the absolute best vision.

We enjoy general optometry and contact lens practice but we also specialise in particular areas.

Sarah has a passion Vision Therapy, including eye co-ordination and behavioural optometry.

Martina has a deep interest of Dry Eye Treatment and Myopia Control. We have a duty of care and both dry eye and myopia are on the increase. We need to support and educate clients and their family members.

Vanessa and Roslyn have a passion for dispensing, finding the most gorgeous frame, fitting the best lenses to improve your lifestyle. Giving you the best vision you can have.

We encourage you to visit our friendly team at Canon Street Optometrists to check out our latest selection of fashion frames, where vision never goes out of style!

Better vision, better life.

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Canon Street Optometrists
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Canon Street Optometrists 
Canon Street Optometrists 
Canon Street Optometrists 
Canon Street Optometrists
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